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ATR - Supply Chain ServicesSupply Chain Services

Continuously developing our supply chain services we offer a fully automated supply chain system that saves time, resources and ensures timely delivery of all products, and unmatched control and quality management systems.

ATR - Sales and DistributionSales and Distribution

Our sales force that exceeds 440 employees employ all the resources, technologies and tactics to make sure that brands’ reach coverage and exposure, from pharmacies and modern trade outlets and e-commerce platforms

ATR - MarketingMarketing, Digital & Corporate Communications

ATR is the brand builder of Eva Cosmetics’ brands portfolio that includes +20 established brands in Egypt and the MENA region. We employ all conventional and unconventional marketing tools that best fit our strategic objectives and marketing strategy.

ATR - Concept DevelopmentConcept and Strategy Development

Studying the markets to pinpoint the gaps and consumers’ changing needs, enables us to continuously create new concepts and strategies that keeps our clients evolving and keeping up with the competition.

ATR - RegulatoryImportation and Regulatory Affairs

A dedicated and highly experienced team in all the legal and regulatory procedures makes sure all medical and product documents are registered and products are imported, inspected and delivered efficiently.

+45 years of experience

as a full-fledged commercial

service provider

We offer a wide range of services that best serve our clients

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Patient Support Program (PSP)

As a third party, we offer these medicines at a lower cost, and sometimes providing them with free dosages, whether they are medically insured by their workplaces or not.

Call Center Outsourcing

At ATR, we are third-party call center service provider for our clients through one of our sister companies.

Storage Facility

Our fully equipped chain of warehouses strategically spread across Egypt enables us to rent them for our clients for better storage for their products

Recruitment and Personnel

Recruiting full teams that work for our clients is a process that is professionally handled at ATR, where we filter and choose the best candidates that fit the job purposes.

Some of ATR

Year over year, Akhnaton is growing both in the local and international markets offering more opportunities to its clients.

Years of Experience


Unified Procurement Association (UPA)

We entered a new pharmaceutical market segment by winning over a tender with the UPA, that added more than 2000 governmental hospitals and health units to our distribution network.

GSK Main Distributor

ATR has reached a market share for GSK’s personal care products in 2021 that is almost 50%, which places us as a main distributor in the personal care sector.

PSP provider for Lilly

In 2021, we became a third-party PSP provider for Lilly providing life-saving medicine at lower cost for patients whether they are medically insured or not.

Why Choose Us

Our networks and sales force muscles ensure products gain the maximum exposure and reach consumers where they are.

Our full-range of supply chain services guarantee all logistical procedures are executed efficiently and timely for the best product storage and delivery experience.

From developing brand concepts to final products, we build brands till they reach consumers, providing the best customer experience.

Our actions are driven from our values. Our “Customer First” value is the base on `which we take a customer-centered approach in our decisions, to provide them with the best customer experience.

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  • Address : 9 Al Sharikat, Al Fawalah, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate
  • Phone : +20-223 992 700
  • Mobile-1 : +20-1202899990
  • Mobile-2 : +20-0162300001
  • Email : info@atr-eg.com

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