9 Al Sharikat St., Al Fawalah

Abdeen, Cairo, Egypt

Core Services

ATR provides full fledged commercial services to its clients with their success and expansion in the MENA region as a core objective. Our customer-first mindset has allowed us to always provide the highest level of quality in all our services, and led us to always stand out among other commercial service providers.

ATR - Supply Chain Services

Supply Chain Services

Continuously developing our supply chain services has placed us ahead of others.

In 2022, we are offering a fully automated supply chain system that saves time, resources and ensures timely delivery of all products, even the most critical of them, like life-saving medicines.

We promise to offer unmatched control and quality management systems with fast and efficient logistical procedures.

ATR - Sales and Distribution

Sales and Distribution

Our sales force that exceeds 400 employees employ all the resources, technologies and tactics to make sure that brands reach coverage and exposure.

From distribution to pharmacies and modern trade outlets to e-commerce platforms management and more tools are best used and tailored to match every brand.

ATR - Concept Development

Concept and Strategy Development

Studying the markets to pinpoint the gaps and consumers’ changing needs, enables us to continuously create new concepts and strategies that keeps our clients evolving and keeping up with the competition.

ATR - Regulatory

Importation and Regulatory Affairs

A dedicated and highly experienced team in all the legal and regulatory procedures makes sure all medical and product documents are registered and products are imported, inspected and delivered efficiently.

ATR - Marketing


ATR is the brand builder of more than of established brands in Egypt and the MENA region. Our marketing solutions are not limited to planning, designing and executing conventional campaigns, but also include all unconventional marketing activities such as various digital marketing tools.

We are continuously evolving with the fast changing digital world our consumers are living in.