9 Al Sharikat St., Al Fawalah

Abdeen, Cairo, Egypt

Complementary Services

A number of patients are dependent on expensive medicines, especially Oncology medicines, for recovery from various diseases.

Through a third party, we offer these medicines at a lower cost, and sometimes providing them for free, whether the patient is medically insured or not.

At ATR, we are third-party call center service provider for our clients through one of sister companies.

We offer third-party designing and packaging for promotions, promotional materials and offers for our clients at our premises.

Our medical detailing force is highly trained to cover a third-party service to our clients, covering all medical professions and pharmacies. This ensures all medicines and other medical products are adequately introduced and marketed among the targeted segments.

ATR, as a distributor, has signed agreements with The Ministry of Defense, which enables us to distribute medicine and medical devices to the various health care institutions under its supervision.

Recruiting full teams on behalf of our clients is a process that is professionally handled at ATR, where we filter and choose the best candidates that fit the job  requirements of our clients in order to carry out their jobs more efficiently.

Our full-fledged IT department builds and develops websites, applications and e-commerce website for various purposes and industries applying the latest technologies and trends to achieve a smooth and efficient user-experience.

Our fully equipped chain of warehouses strategically widely spread across Egypt enables us to rent them for our clients for better storage of their products, keeping them in perfect condition.

All procedures and the full cycle of approvals with the Egyptian Drug Authority, along with pricing plans, importation plans, drug shortage and drug analysis, are completely handled by ATR specialized team members.

Our latest tender with the UPA “The Egyptian Authority of Unified Procurement” enabled us to explore a new distribution channel offering our clients the opportunity to distribute pharmaceutical and medical products to more than 2000 governmental health institutions, from police, health insurance and university hospitals, to health units.

ATR fully operates e-commerce websites and online shops from creation to management for our partner brands assuring coverage of all digital sales channels.
In addition to leveraging a distribution network of all leading third-party e-commerce platforms in Egypt and the MENA region.