9 Al Sharikat St., Al Fawalah

Abdeen, Cairo, Egypt

Who we are

Established in 1975, today, ATR is a full-fledged commercial service provider, offering 360° services and solutions to our clients in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, medical devices and F&B fields in the MENA region.

With a manpower that exceeds 1000 employees, vast resources, strong distribution networks and in-depth consumer and market knowledge, our clients are able to maximize their presence globally, and become leaders in their industry.

Our Services build brands and supports our clients in expanding achieving the maximum presentation and awareness through; providing supply chain, sales &distribution, marketing intelligence, importation & regulatory and  concept & strategy development services.

In addition to a wide range of other complementary services, that are offered through specialized and dedicated teams, studying the different markets, aware of the best practices, to offer the best tailor-made services to our clients.

Our Vision

“Be the force behind the success of our brands, partnering in their journey and sharing in their success.”

Our Mission

To maintain being the most trusted specialized distribution company that is committed to brand building and ultimately being the source behind the success of our brands in the EMEA region. We will utilize our vast and extensive localized consumer and market knowledge to infiltrate new and emerging markets and expand our networks and strategic alliances on a global scale.

Our Strategy

We strive to maintain our position as the most trusted trading and distribution company providing 360° commercial services. ATR is committed to creating and building successful brands while embracing innovation and sustainability. We ensure success and growth for all our global partners.

Our Values

Expanding from Egypt to the MENA region and Europe over more than a century all comes back to the group values set by our founder and transmitted to every employee till this day.

These values are the covenant we made and the base upon which all our internal and external activities are based.



Customer First

Positive Impact


Passion for Success