9 Al Sharikat St., Al Fawalah

Abdeen, Cairo, Egypt

Supply Chain


ATR has been ISO certified for our Supply Chain services

Our unmatched control and quality management systems, in addition to our fast and efficient logistical procedures, guarantee timely delivery of all products and in perfect condition.

  • Fleet and Warehousing

    A large fleet that consists of 130 trucks continuously growing to meet market needs. 15 Warehouses strategically located across 9 governorates of Egypt, built on almost 14,000 m2 with an average of 18,000 pallets. Expansion plans to include F&B Warehouses

  • Life Saving Medicine

    Temperature-controlled warehouses including a Cold Chain that ranges from 2-8°C and planned to reach -20°C by Q3-2022 to ensure that the diabetes, oncology and medical devices are stocked and transported in the most adequate conditions.

Automated Management Systems

Our supply chain system is fully automated for better tracking and traceability, through;

  • Tender order automation, making sure a whole process from order placement to issuing invoices is done in one easy step.

  • An automated “Virtual Warehouse” that integrates the inventory across all warehouses for more efficient stock management.

  • UPA “The Egyptian Authority of Unified Procurement” order automation, being the first company to support in this huge business, to decrease invoicing time by around 80% while linking UPA codes with ATR codes.

  • Creating and Customizing planning module on Oracle with completely automated material requirement planning while eliminating human error.

  • Shipment tracking; from invoice to final sale, decreasing lead time for release by almost 80%. This project is a filing system for each product shipped from invoice to registration documents while following up on the product status from all perspectives to keep the history for each product & support optimization for the whole process through reports & results compared to KPIs for each function.

  • MRP “Material Requirement Planning” fully automated on Oracle.

  • Temporary warehouse subdivision; till final release by MOH.

Shipment Tracking Platform

The first online Shipment Tracking Platform in the industry to be launched by ATR; is a complete archiving system, to track the whole order process from PO to inventory management.

Its main functionality is process optimization through aligning cross-functions utilizing instant notification system with order updates to track consumed in every step and analyze it.

It helps in;

  1. Process Optimization
  2. Pro-active action
  3. Archiving System
  4. Tracking System
  5. Inventory Management and Planning