9 Al Sharikat St., Al Fawalah

Abdeen, Cairo, Egypt

ATR Penetrates the Convenience Food Industry

Al-Gahez is an instant convenient food brand that was developed and introduced to the market by Evagro Food Industries and ATR in 2021, as a part of our growth and expansion strategy to enter new industries.

With the rise of on-the-go and the fast-paced mobile and busy lifestyle consumers are leading and with the increased need for convenient food, Evagro Food Industries has filled the market gap by introducing Al-gahez sweet and savory convenient food.

ATR is the brand-builder of Al-Gahez, from developing the brand concept, product recipe, packaging design, marketing and communication management, pricing and distribution to gain maximum exposure and be available to consumers at every touch point.
Al-Gahez is a pioneer in introducing to the market instant soup with noodles and instant hot desserts; “Om Ali” and “Sahlab”. All products are rich in taste, and ready to eat in less than 5 minutes to satisfy all cravings.