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Abdeen, Cairo, Egypt

Sustainable Development

At ATR, “Positive Impact” is one of our core values, which is not only limited to our positive impact in the workplace, but also giving back to the society.

Working on the Sustainable Development Goals the whole world is now focusing on and shifting to, all our CSR activities fall under these 5 goals;

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Social Services

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Dr. Mounir Armanious Foundation

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ATR Work Environment

Employees’ Incentives


AT ATR, we care about our employees’ lives and important social occasions, that’s why financial and non-financial incentives are given to our employees when they get married or have a child.

Educational Support

Educations is the cornerstone upon which one’s life and career are based, therefore, we provide our employees with financial incentives to aid their children in their education. In addition to providing them with on-site and off-site nurseries where they can leave their kids in a safe environment and at a reduced cost.



In a world where women have less access to opportunities, we at ATR make sure equality is applied on all hierarchal levels.

Inclusion is not only limited to genders, but also people with special abilities. Our Telesales team fully comprises of employees with special abilities, the team carries out telephone research for better customer insights, as well as receiving and handling complaints from customers to ensure maximum customer satisfaction is achieved by maintaining a positive corporate-customer relationship.

In addition to providing internship opportunities to students with disabilities in cooperation with specialized foundations or organizations to provide them with the required care and support.