9 Al Sharikat St., Al Fawalah

Abdeen, Cairo, Egypt

Life at ATR

At ATR, every employee is also a member in our big family, their daily life, activities and their work experience matters to us. Not to mention their personal and professional development, which we regard as our responsibility as well. That’s why employee activities, trainings and courses, benefits and initiatives are held all year long.

We make sure that every event and every season is celebrated within our premises to spread the spirit of joy and celebration within our halls. Whether it is Christmas, Ramadan, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, we offer our employees a small token of appreciation and celebration with an event that makes our work day better.

We believe that our role does not only stop at providing our clients with the best services that fit their brands and needs. But also paying back to our society and implementing our value of positive impact.

We also acknowledge that we would never be able to achieve this goal and help our society without the contribution of our employees.

For that reason, we implement CSR campaigns within ATR, encouraging employees to donate money, clothes, educational materials and many other of our society’s needs to offer a helping hand for real needs in a practical way.

ATR culture includes and embraces all our differences. We take pride in our customer service team that is fully comprised of hardworking employees with special capabilities. Those dedicated employees gather data through telephone market research and provide us with insights that direct and redirect our decisions and activities to best fit the consumers’ need and knowing the latest market trends.
Also, women representation is a highly regarded matter in all hierarchal positions, especially top management positions.

Since our employees are our most valuable asset, their health is our concern as much as it is ours. That’s why medical insurance is provided to all our employees in addition to an on-site clinic where employees have access to throughout the day in case of any tiredness or emergencies.

Moreover, during the pandemic of Covid-19 that took us all by storm, we ensured that our employees work from home as long as possible for their safety as well as their families’. Also, we contributed with the ministry of health to make an on-premises vaccination for all our employees to ease the vaccination process for them.

Employees’ career progression and development concerns us. That’s why we take responsibility in providing them relevant courses and training according to their positions, needs and inspirations throughout the year. We also provide them with international and accredited certificates, whether online or offline.

To ensure every employee practices their job in the best possible way, we provide trainings and inductions to all our new employees to make sure they are equipped with the needed information and tools to perform.

We believe that a safe and healthy society starts by aware individuals. So, we hold several awareness sessions annually tackling various topics and fields, to make sure our employees are equipped with the needed information to lead a better life.

We partner with specialized entities in the mental health field to provide sessions about wellbeing, mental health and how to deal with daily stress.

Moreover, we collaborate with health entities and institutions to educate us about some of the common diseases, such as breast cancer, and how important early detection is in curing the disease.

Providing internships and student programs that prepare them and fresh graduates for their future careers and the real work experience is a part of our focus.

More than 50 interns join our company every year to learn and be able to make a better decision regarding their future careers.

Also, we provide our “Careery” program is held with more than one round throughout the year to aid participants in creating a professional CV, be ready for different job interviews and the whole hiring process to make finding their first job easier.